Business Electricity & Gas Energy Service Providers

Business NRG provides a flexible solution that meets all your business energy needs. We have a professionally experienced team of specialist account managers to deal with all your business energy needs.

We are a leading business utility broker in the UK on Trust Pilot. We were able to achieve this due to our excellence in providing the best business energy quotes to our customers according to their commercial needs.

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End-to-End Commercial Energy Advisor

Electricity & Gas are the most important source of energy for any business. Irrespective of its size, each and every business needs Electricity or Gas energy to function on a day-to-day basis. It is so very important to compare energy prices and understand the rates that you are paying to source it from business energy suppliers. We know that won't be possible for you as you won't be able to keep a close eye on the rates of Business Electricity or Gas. As a business owner, you should focus on your business rather than being worried about electricity rates. Let the experts take care of this on your behalf.

Know Your Business Electricity Bill

As a business energy specialist, our business energy expert will know electricity consumption in your office or factory & also understand the tariff plan and details of the bill. We will guide you to make some small changes in your business energy consumption pattern accordingly. These changes eventually help you in saving lots of Pounds from your business.

Your Business electricity bill has two components i.e. Unit Cost and Standing Charge. Unit cost means the actual consumption metered for the usage which is a major part of the bill. This is the cost one pays to the supplier for actual consumption and hence, it is important to negotiate for the best deal on it while switching your services.

On top of the Unit Cost, business electricity suppliers charge “Standing Charge” to cover the cost of transporting electricity to your location and to maintain the grid.

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We are all in one Business Energy Experts

Business NRG is a one-stop solution for all your commercial energy needs. Business NRG helps you get the best deal from the service providers and save several thousands of POUNDS annually.

Advantages of switching through us:

  • Finding the best Commercial energy supplier as per the best package
  • Comparing energy prices among various suppliers
  • Negotiating the best rate with the suppliers
  • Get an accurate and exact quote as per usage.
  • Hassle free billing and contract.
  • Simple to switch from one supplier to another.

We offer a wide variety of additional services that include:

Get quote
Corporate HH quote

Business NRG would know your Half Hourly electricity usage and will reveal the ultimate business energy HH Quote for your company.

Business gas price, business electricity price
Gas & Electricity purchasing options

Business NRG gives you multiple options for switching & purchasing the gas and electricity energy for your commercial usage.

Customized Business energy plans
Customised Options

We not only assist you with Electricity & Gas energy deals, But also deal with Customized Business Energy Plan for optimum business electricity and gas saving.

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Billing dispute

Whether it would be Bill validation, Invoice issue or any Business electricity or business Gas Billing issue with your supplier, we would be there to help your company and resolve it swiftly.

Solving metering issue of business energy
Metering advice

Business NRG would give you all type of metering advises no matter if it is business electricity or Business Gas energy.

Sustainable Products
Sustainability Products

All our products and services are made for longer use. We make sure to give quality services to our clients and help them to ease their Business Energy Saving Process.

Have already saved thousands of business reduce their energy bills throughout the UK.

Our Business NRG process is Customer Centric. Once you request a business energy quote

  • Our specialized utility broker will give you a ring.
  • We would then understand your business & accordingly will suggest a suitable business energy plans for your company.
  • Once you select the suitable plan, what you have to do is just relax & we would be doing all required paper work on behalf of you.
  • During the tenure we would also assist you with all the queries and problems regarding your business energy plan.
  • Our duty does not end over here .We would be calling with list of new Business Plans for you once your plan is about to get over & once you let us know the suitable plan we will continue with our work.
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